The objective of the course is to enable users to reduce requirement of physical prototypes, bring down the costs, and assure product safety, security and validity. Creo Simulate is a structural, thermal and vibration analysis solution with a comprehensive set of finite elements analysis (FEA) capabilities that allow you to analyze and validate the performance of your 3D virtual prototypes before you make the first part.  Product analysis mainly consists of thermal and structural analysis. Thermal analysis determines the effects of temperatures on the materials, while structural analysis that of loads on physical structures. PTC Creo Simulate is used to perform both structural and thermal simulation of digital prototypes of products. 

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Creo Simulate Training Course

  • Theoretical fundamentals
  • Preparing a CAD Model
  • Pre-processing, Meshing
  • Structural static analysis
  • Modal analysis, Buckling analysis
  • Symmetry, Thermal
  • Assembly & Dynamic analysis

Creo Simulate’s capabilities include:

  • Structural analysis
  • Linear steady state thermal analysis
  • Material libraries
  • Meshing
  • Optimization
  • Post processing

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Structural and thermal analysts work at product testing divisions of manufacturers, engineering departments of governments/public sector organizations, power industries, infrastructure companies, aeronautical and automobile industries, all product companies, and engineering design service companies.

Pass in any diploma course or bachelor’s degree. Suitable for engineering students.

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