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What is VLSI?

Very-large-scale integration (VLSI) is that the method of making an integrated circuit (IC) by combining thousands of transistors into one chip.

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In different words, an IC has several transistors on one chip, whereas VLSI has very several transistors on one chip. a contemporary VLSI chip is a complex beast with billions of transistors, many logic gates deployed for computation and control.

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Below steps are used in VLSI design:

  1. Logic synthesis
  2. Timing analysis
  3. Floor Planning
  4. Placement and routing
  5. Verification and testing

Engineers manage to design these complicated chips by making use of computer aided design (CAD) tools that take an abstract description of the chip, and refines it step-wise to a final design. coming up with a VLSI chip involves steps like logic synthesis, temporal order analysis, floor planning, placement and routing, verification, and testing.

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Career Opportunities in VLSI Design 

Job opportunities available for student with VLSI design skills are:

  • Silicon Architecture Engineer
  • Digital Design Engineer
  • IC Design Engineer
  • Component Design Engineer
  • Hardware Design Engineer
  • VLSI Engineer

One who does a course in VLSI digital and VLSI system design becomes eligible to build a career in companies that manufactures electronic products and IT hardware like motherboard chipsets, network interface controllers, integrated circuits, flash memory, graphics chips, embedded processors and semiconductors.

Course syllabus for VLSI digital and system design


  • Introduction to Digital Circuit Design
  • Linux Commands
  • Switch, Structural, Data Flow, Gate level and Behavioral Modeling.
  • Gate delays and Strength Levels
  • Test Bench Creation
  • Design Compilation ,Elaboration, & Simulation
  • Terminal and GUI mode simulation
  • ALU Design and Verification
  • Combinational UDP and Sequential UDP
  • Design Verification using FPGA

Who should do VLSI digital and system designing course?

  • Electrical engineering students
  • Electronics engineering students
  • IT hardware design students
  • Everyone who aspire to become digital system designers.

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We provide following courses in VLSI Design Training


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VLSI Course Details Information



VLSI Digital is 64 hours & VLSI System VERILOG is 48 hours course

VLSI Course Description

We offer two modules in VLSI training 1) is VLSI Digital and System Design & 2) VLSI Verilog System

Global VLSI Certification

We provide globally recognized VLSI certification after the completion of VLSI course in Thane & Dombivli


Batches are scheduled as per student's convenience

VLSI Course details

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We have VLSI training centre in Mumbai region, Thane, & Dombivli

Why you should take VLSI digital and system design training course at Livewire India?

We help to provide you a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts and designs of VLSI systems.

We teach you digital circuit design process, various concepts of VLSI systems such as MOS transistors, digital CMOS logic designs and design methodologies of VLSI systems. You will learn how to design digital circuits, develop architecture using industry standard tools, as well as verification of large scale designs. You will get a direct and inclusive treatment of VLSI design processes and its rules.



We are committed to helping you stand out in the increasingly competitive graduate job market & many of our internationally certified go on to enjoy rewarding careers with major international companies. Students at CADD Centre experience a hands-on education that combines proven technical & career development training.



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