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Linux Certification Training Course - Linux Administration Training Institute

What is Linux?

Linux. It's been around since the mid '90s, and has since achieved a client base that traverses industries and continents. For those up to date, you comprehend that Linux OS is everywhere. It's in your telephones, in your cars, in your refrigeration, your Roku gadgets. It runs a large portion of the Internet, the supercomputers making logical breakthrough, and the world's stock exchanges. In any case, before Linux turned into the stage to run desktops, servers, and embedded system over the globe, it was (and still is) a standout amongst the most solid, secure, and effortless working systems available.



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We provide LINUX software training courses, classes, certification at our institutes in Mumbai, Thane, Dombivli & Navi Mumbai with expert faculty. Know more about LINUX course fees, cost, duration, content, syllabus, eligibility criteria, batch timings.

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About LINUX Training Course

 This LINUX training course will show students how to use LINUX OS make you learn the most important and fundamental concepts of Linux server administration, and how to put those concepts to use in real-world situations

With 64 hours of extensive training from industry experts covering all together 14 modules i.e the syllabus of LINUX course, helps you get Internationally certified in the course under a division of CADD Centre training academy which is LIVEWRE INDIA.


Why should you learn LINUX OS?


Everyone asks, why bother learning a different computing environment, when the operating system that installs with most desktops, laptops, and servers works just fine?  Does that operating system you’re currently using is constantly battling viruses, malware, slow downs, crashes, costly repairs, and licensing fees?

If yes, and you want to free yourself from the constant fear of losing the data or to take your computer for the “yearly clean up,” Linux might be the perfect OS for you. Linux has now become one of the most reliable computer OS in the world. Along with this reliability it comes with zero cost of entry/license fee and you have the perfect solution for a desktop platform.

You can install Linux on as many computers as you like without paying a cent for software or server licensing. Due to this reason many major companies uses LINUX OS and seek candidates who can work easily on them.

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LINUX OS Course Information



The extensive and in-depth study of the tools of LINUX software is covered in 64 hours.


LINUX OS modules are taught by well trained and experienced professionals who will guide and teach you throughout.


The only authorized partners to provide globally recognized certification after the completion of LINUX course in Thane, Airoli & Dombivli


Several batches are available as per student's convinience at our centre in morning, afternoon and evening time between 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week


Scroll below to know what you will learn after enrolling for LINUX course with us.


We have LINUX training centre in Mumbai region- Thane West, Thane Ghodbunder Road, Dombivli East & Airoli (Navi Mumbai).

LINUX Course Syllabus

At CADD Centre, we help you master the following compatibilities of LINUX

Linux System Administration

  • Introduction and OS installation
  • Basic Commands
  • User & Group management
  • File permissions
  • Package & Disk Management
  • Networking & Remote installation
  • Kernel Virtualization

Linux Server Administration

  • Advance System Configuration and Management
  • File Sharing with NFS, CIFS and FTP
  • Domain Name Service (DNS)
  • Web Service(HTTP) & Mail Service(SMTP)
  • Security Enhanced Linux
  • Centralized & Secure Storage
  • Remote Access & Desktop

We provide classes for Linux Software Training Courses in Thane, Mumbai & Dombivli, Airoli Navi Mumbai. Get in touch to know about the duration, fees and syllabus of Linux certification training courses.

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Linux Certification - Linux Server administration - Linux System Administration Course

The Only authorized CADD Centre in Thane, Airoli & Dombivli for Linux Training. 



A division of CADD Centre in Thane, Airoli (Navi Mumbai) & Dombivli providing the theoretical and practical guide for all the aspiring Engineers and Architectures with the help of modern technologies and experienced faculty in the industry. We are providing training on basics and advanced tools of Linux Operating system. After the completion of your course, you get an International Certification that will help you build a career anywhere in the world. 

We are committed to helping you stand out in the increasingly competitive graduate job market & many of our internationally certified go on to enjoy rewarding careers with major international companies. Students at CADD Centre experience a hands-on education that combines proven technical & career development training.



Getting International LINUX Certification in Mumbai got easier at Livewire India


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