A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices. It is used primarily in automation of industrial electromechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures. 

  • Introduction to industrial automation
  • Control circuit and Power circuit
  • Automation using relays and field devices
  • Introduction about Programmable Logic Controller
  • Architecture of Programmable Logic Controller
  • Types of PLC Models
  • PLC Programming
  • Ladder logic diagram
  • Structure of program
  • Procedure for creating ladder diagram
  • Interfacing the field component to PLC
  • Latching and unlatching concepts
  • Optimize the field instruments by using memory concept
  • Interfacing PLC to PC
  • Download the program to PLC
  • Run mode and simulation mode
  • Interlocking concept
  • Types of interlocking
  • Timer / counters
  • Jump and subroutine
  • Introduction about functional block programming
  • Interfacing analog devices to PLC
  • Math functions in FBD programming
  • Logical and Bit function
  • Other instructions & Advance math function
  • Control panel wiring
  • Difference between auto control and manual control

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PLC Engineer, PLC Software Development Engineer, PLC /HMI/SCADA Programmer, Automation Engineer, Engineer – PLC & Automation, PLC Validation Engineer, PLC Controls Lead Engineer, and PLC Applications Engineer are some of the jobs popular in this domain. 

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