Reverse engineering, also called back engineering, is the processes of extracting knowledge or design information from anything man-made and re-producing it or re-producing anything based on the extracted information. The process often involves disassembling something (a mechanical device,electronic component, computer program, or biological, chemical, or organic matter) and analyzing its components and workings in detail.  

The course teaches the ways to import, parse, manipulate, modify 3D data, such as point clouds and mesh and ultimately turn the data into 3D solids and surfaces. The course also equips students to analyze a product’s structure, function and operation, and the applications of 3D optical scanning, computed tomography scanning, rapid surfacing, Class ‘A’ surfacing, and digital archiving. Students are offered projects with expert guidance.

Reverse Engineering Training Courses in Thane | Mumbai | Dombivali, Navi Mumbai

Reverse Engineering Training Course

  • Scanning / Measuring (Using 3D scanner)
  • Importing and processing of scan data
  • Mesh processing of scanned data
  • Exporting mesh
  • Creating scans from the mesh data
  • Creating curves from the scans & editing them
  • Creating surface from curve geometry & editing them
  • 3D modeling (CATIA Surfacing)
  • Product analysis (CAE)
  • Prototyping using 3D printing (Using 3D printer)

Professionals with expertise in Reverse Engineering using CAD tools are in great demand across all product manufacturing industries, especially in aviation, marine, medical, automotive, high quality, and high precision industries.

Pass in any diploma course or bachelor’s degree. Suitable for engineering students. 

We provide classes for Reverse Engineering certification training course in Thane, Mumbai & Dombivli & Navi Mumbai. Get in touch to know about the duration, fees and syllabus of Reverse Engineering training courses.

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