Scrum Certification Training Course

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Winning Needs Short and Sustainable Actions

Product and project failures are not new to the business world. About 80% of new products in many consumer market segments do not do well in the market. A significant number of projects in almost all sectors usually exceed time estimates and overrun budgets


Who can take up the course?

Scrum is used in all industries and in making all types of products - from software to space ships. If you are associated with an organization at any managerial levels or if you are a project manager, training in Scrum and all its methodologies will change the way you work, plan and think. Synergy offers basic and advanced Scrum courses. The courses are delivered by certified Scrum trainers. Check out the list of courses currently available. 

We provide classes for Scrum Certification Training Courses in Thane, Mumbai, Dombivli & Navi Mumbai. Get in touch to know about the duration, fees and syllabus of certification training courses.

We offer following Scrum Certification Training Courses:


Change the way you work, plan and think.

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